Friday, October 3, 2008

Jeppson Family reunion July 2008

The Jeppson clan!

Just before we left Hawaii we met up with my whole fam damily for a vacation in beautiful Kihei, Maui. It was my parents, my three older brothers and their wives and kids (each couple has 3 kids), and Robert and me. It was awesome having everyone there but it also made for some interesting drama :) as expected with that many people in that close of proximity for 10 days. We also got some great looks everywhere we went, yes, we're a Mormon family of 19! Anyway, we did the usual Jeppson things: searched for Jackson Chameleons (of which we found at least 30), ate, hiked, jumped off waterfalls, ate, played at the beach, got rocked in the waves at Makena a.k.a. big beach, ate, watched sunsets, tried to get a million photos (I'm pretty sure we made that goal), enjoyed the scenery and each other, oh and did I mention that we ate a TON!! It was a riot that I'm glad I was a part of.
After the vacation we flew back to Oahu for one more night, the Westras kindly let us hang out at their pad for the night as we had already sold our grass shack. Then we headed to Utah the next morning (July 30) with nothing but a 10 hour layover in the Seattle airport to hold us back. Don't worry, we made it through with all of our luggage/crap and more miracles than we would ever deserve!

all the kids
Freezing our butts off waiting for sunrise on the summit of Haleakala
Rob and a female Jackson Chameleon
A beautiful male Jackson Chameleon
7 sacred pools
Me jumping off a waterfall...and apparently looking like a troll
Wastin' time in the Seattle airport


Dustin and Lindsay said...

What a darling family!! Stef, you always look like a doll! I still can't believe you're in CHINA though....what an adventure!!!

Jeppson Clan said...

Fun update Miss Stef! Good times were had for sure. Rob got to see all different sides of the family. How are you adjusting over there? Good food? I'm glad you found a good apartment! How is Rob liking classes? Throw up some pictures of China.
Oh yeah and did you hear that we are getting a temple?! We are thrilled! Love you!

wendy said...

hey my blogger expert daughter... verrry impressive. Can't believe you come from me! so great to see all the fun stuff you've been able to do and the amazing memories you're making... and now recording too. Keep up the all the fun pictures and comments too so we can experience them with you. Loved the video of your apartment Rob..I've been very curious to see it. mom j