Thursday, October 9, 2008

The good ol' days of summer- a.k.a. our time before the day of reckoning

We had so much fun while we were home with our friends and family. Other than our fun little trips we also did a bunch of random stuff. We got our teeth fixed, hair cut, went to some fun plays with my parents, played with my brother Scott and his cute family, swam, barbeques with friends and family, and a lot of packing...oh the endless packing. You would be surprised how hard it is to figure out what to pack in those two little bags when moving to China! So here, again, are some pictures highlighting the major moments!
Rob and I met my mom in Cedar City to head down to St. George. We stopped off to watch Cyrano de Bergerac at the Shakespearean Festival. It was a great play. The actor who played Cyrano was INCREDIBLE!
This is why we went to St. George. We got our teeth checked by my brother in his new dental office. It was quite posh. My poor hubby had to spend 5 hours in the chair under my brothers' capable hands. Luckily he was able to watch Spiderman 3 (there were t.v.'s in the ceiling).
BBQ with some of my best friends from High School. Oh those were good times!
This was the fatefull day, the day of my HAIRCUT!! I had my sister-in-law cut 12 inches off. Thanks again Kimmie!
There is goes! What have I done!?
Showing off our cute new haircuts.
My mom and I put ourselves in charge of a fun weekend for my dad and Rob. We went to a couple plays (South Pacific and A Midsummer Night's Dream) and dinner at the Sundance resort.
This is how we spent one of our last days in America. My brother was trying to train us how to defend ourselves here in China :)
My hardcore husband is a much more capable bow hunter than I am.
Kimmie and Caden waiting for us to be done practicing. Aren't they cute! Good thing Scott found this little lady. Kim, you are so patient, I don't know how you do it!


Molly said...

12 inches!!! What the....
I hope you donated that hair!

P.S. ... you start popping those kids out and I WILL be your photographer:)

Danielle said...

Oh, so fun! I'm a little jealous of all your fun times back home! Hey -we want to see CHINA pics too!

P.S. In your friend picture, is one of those guys named Brock? He looks like my friends bro...

Derek said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Stef had another map sent over to our apartment as a surprise for you, so come on over any time you'd like to pick it up! See you then!

Derek and Danielle

Makana Hansen said...

That is a lot of hair and a lot of busy-ness. How is China anyhow? I am supposed to find out where you live so, where do you live?