Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stephenson Family Reunion August 2008

Moving on to Utah. We arrived home and a few days later took off for the Stephenson family reunion at their Mammoth Creek cabin. The cabin always means a guaranteed good time. All of the immediate Tony Stephenson family was able to make it, even Grandma Ila Rae and Bill for a couple days. Part of way through the trip we convinced our good friends Brooke and Jared McArthur to come down and play for a day or two, despite Jared's recent near-death experience. So here's the classic run-down of our activities: ping-pong tournament (set up by Sam so of course he was the winner), shooting at the shooting range, 4-wheel rides in the mountains, rock climbing and repelling, playing the WII, card games, hiking, and Jared blowing out his $200 tire (causing a search and rescue mission to ensue). Oh memories!! We miss those simpler days.
The whole clan
the Stephenson siblings (I love this one, it looks like Tawnya is going for Katy's chest)
Rob and me at Cedar Breaks
The Line Up: Don't mess with the Stephenson family!
good times
Rob the expert
Practicing in case zombies attack (sorry, I just read 'World War Z'- I've got a lot of time on my hands here in China)
Check out the front driver side tire. It was an explosion!
Hanging out waiting for the search and rescue team of Tony and Joe


Godfrey Family said...

Dear China Lady-How is communist red treating you??? I hope well. Do the men just love the Stef? Too bad, you're taken! Anyway, I am glad you found us. Maybe we can keep better track of eachother now. See you!