Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Prophet's, and mother-in-law's, challege

We were fortunate enough to spend three weeks in Utah for our '07 Christmas break. During this time we went to Rob's parent's home for a Stephenson family Christmas celebration. Nancy, a.k.a. "momma Stephenson", gave all of her children and their spouses a copy of the pocket-sized Book of Mormon with a challenge to read a page a day. This goes along with our dear President Hinckley’s invitation to read The Book of Mormon by the end of the year. This challenge was given several years ago, but why not extend it to a yearly basis.
Well momma Nancy, we have accepted this challenge and would like you to know we completed it last night (Friday, September 26th)!; which coincidentally is our one month mark in China! It was a great experience for us, one that was oftentimes difficult to accomplish what with our different schedules, we were not perfect in carrying it out...we missed a day here and there, but we are already seeing the blessings that come from listening to a prophet's, and mother-in-law's, voice. Thank you for the challenge and the opportunity to grow closer together and learn more about our Heavenly Father's plan as a family.
I extend this invitation to each of you (I know, I sound so much like a missionary right now :)). If you're not already doing it, read a page a day and see what blessings the Lord has in store for you!


Shandra and Christian said...

Congratulations on finishing! What an accomplishment. We have started that challenge a couple of times but never completed it. We should definitely try again. Miss you folks!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the challenge. We've tried this a few times and never quite gotten there :) I'm determined to start again. Thanks, Stef!!