Thursday, October 16, 2008

Robert Taylor Stephenson's 27th Birthday!!

My hubby's birthday was two days ago (October 14th). Considering that we live in China I had to try and make due with the resources, or lack of, that I had. It was an enjoyable day, at least that's what he told me :). Anyone that knows Rob knows that he is a big breakfast man. So I tried to make something that resembled a good old American breakfast. After that we went to a massage place, nicknamed "Heaven on Earth Massage Parlor"= to be said with a black man accent like Chris Tucker does on 'Rush Hour'. It wasn't exactly "heaven on earth". Those little Chinese women can really inflict pain! We kept telling ourselves that it was doing us good but now, a couple days after, we are starting to not feel as bruised and sore from it. They just thought it was hilarious to watch our faces contort as we groaned in agony...especially once I pulled out the camera. Anyway, after that Rob had to go to class and I had to try and get the Birthday cake I'd had my eye on for a while. Through many failed attempts I conceded and went to another "bakery" named "Best Confect Bakery" and bought a few mini cakes. Notice in the picture Rob is 'acting' blowing out incense as I was unable to find candles. We then went to 37.2, a European restaurant, and had a fabulous dinner of beef tenderloin for Rob and chicken cordon blu-ish thing for me!
Hurray for my Robert and his life! I am so lucky to be able to share that life with him. I Love you Robert!!

THE breakfast (just so you know, it's hard to cook toast in a wok)
Blowing out the incense candle
"Heaven on Earth Massage Parlor"

This lady was Rob's torturer

Tasty Birthday dinner!


Jeppson Clan said...

Fantastic post Stef! I'm still laughing. Those little cakes look amazing, how did they taste?
Great job on the breakfast, that toast, looks mighty toasty!
Hope Rob had a great birthday! I love that you guys are creating your own "heaven on earth" over in Chi-to-the-NA.
Love ya!

Becky Knowles said...

I'm very impressed with the wok toast. Maybe it will be featured on the Food Network soon. And, hurray for Heaven on Earth! I'm glad Rob has you to make his China birthday special.

lacieinthesky said...

Happy Birthday Rob, love you man! -Heath (and Lacie)

Danielle said...

Happy birthday Rob! We hope it was great! We missed celebrating it with you guys this year! We bought you another Costco Chocolate Cake, but since you weren't here, we were forced to eat it ourselves. Stef, the breakfast looks fabulous! ;) Way to make use of resources! I always use incense sticks instead of candles!

Brimhall Babes Young Women said...

Love the post. China is such a great experience that you both are doing! Love it and I am glad that it was a great birthday for Rob. It will be one that you will never forget.