Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Apartment in Guangzhou!

Robert here. I'm going to try my hand at this blogging stuff that Stef always takes care of in our family. So bare with me, i'm a first timer.
A few weeks ago I decided that we needed to let you all know how cool our Guangzhou apartment is. So, I made a video and tried to upload it for the longest time to no avail. Yeah, apparently there is a limit to the file sizes, who'd a thunk it. Anyway, I have now broken up the video into two segments in hopes of making it work this time. We live on the 15th floor of a 15 story building. I suppose that this means we are in the ever-desired penthouse. It actually is a pretty cool place and we feel pretty lucky to have it. I think we can also rest assured that my salary will never be able to afford another place with this kind of view so we have to relish it while we got it. Enjoy the quality footage folks!
(Ok, update: Rob tried to upload our videos on blogger but I'm pretty sure that thanks to the lovely Communist government of the People's Republic of China we are unable to view or upload videos on blogger. So I thought we'd try our hand at You Tube thanks to the idea of some of our friends. Hope it works!!)
The downstairs

The upstairs


Jeppson Clan said...

It worked great! The boys say "again, again! We like it! We liked the video."
Looks like a great apartment. Jay wants to type a message:

i luv u jay and asher

Shandra and Christian said...

Wow! Impressive! Look at all that space. I can see how the window between the bathroom and kitchen could come in handy in case you run out of toilet paper. And the three foot from the floor window in bedroom two is definitely children-friendly, especially if the window is left open! Reserve that room for us for when we come visit :) Gosh, that would be so fun.

Miss you guys!

Makana Hansen said...

So i could go pee AND eat popcorn anf not have to move. The chineese are so smart tout a window to the toliet

Molly said...

I have always wanted to have my fridge right by my tv... then i could literally hop up during the office and grab a snack. luuucky.

Amber and Matt said...

Great job Rob! Thanks for the awesome tour of your pad. Now we know we have a place to sleep, shower and most importantly pee. We are so dang excited to come to China and visit our wonderful friends! We love and miss you guys. We are thinking March, but Chinese New Year would be a fun time too.