Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catch up time = last few days in Hawaii

Okay, it's going to be catch up time for a little bit, if only for my own sanity.
This is documenting the last week of our life on Oahu. We miss it so much, we had awesome friends, great times, and created unforgettable memories. Isn't funny when you look back on things and recall the past that you're only able to remember all of the enjoyable times?! That's what I've found in my life and this certainly pertains to our time in Hawaii. With that said, here are some pictures documenting such instances.

Aloha Oe! This was on our last Sunday. Our ward sang "Aloha Oe" and gave us lei. I cried, Rob did a little too even if he's not willing to admit it.

Our last Sunday game night with the posse

Mario Carting it up on the WII

We had more food left over in our freezer, this tasty Salmon was one of them. So I made my first attempt at making Salmon and invited the Westras over for a sort of farewell dinner. They all told me it was tasty...we're they being truthful?

This is the one and only picture we have with our pimp mobile after we cleaned her up and sold her :( We bought her for only $1300 and sold her for $2000 (after putting about $600 in for repairs) She served us well!


Ashley said...

Hey beautiful girl!!! I'm so glad you blog stalked me. Don't feel like a weirdo. We're all closet stalkers at heart. I need to get caught up on your adventurous life!! I'm going to read your former posts now and put you on my friends list. Hope all is well, girlie. Take care.

Shandra and Christian said...

Awww...we miss you guys!

Makana Hansen said...

I don't think i can look at you rblog pictures of hawaii... they me sad that i ever left. SO i am excited to see the china ones bc i have never been there so i can't be sad! Aloha Oe always mede me cry too. So you were born during a storm too huh... we are one lucky family then if she turns out even a little like you. I would be so happy!

Ashley Shane and Crew said...

Hey Steph!
This is Ash Phelps. Brooke told me you are moving to China. That is so exciting.