Sunday, September 14, 2008

More "Catch up" pictures-Goodbye Oahu!

Rob was walking with me to my last Hula class and we spotted this winner of a picture in our dear old Manoa!

Rob came to my last hula class and took some pics. As you can tell, I'm far from being a professional but I loved doing it and miss it so bad.

This is my beautiful pregnant Kumu (teacher) Hiwa. She was very patient with this crazy white girl who wanted so badly to learn about the Hawaiian culture through dance.

Co-worker and hula sister Hoku. I worked with her at J.Crew and expressed my desire to learn hula so she brought me to Halau Hula Ka Lehua Tuahine to learn from the best!

My cute hubby playing indoor soccer with Drew O. and Co. They were skins :) Thanks for inviting him Drew!

Rob made these tasty nachos as one of our last suppers, consisting of Costco tortilla chips (Danielle's favorite) Costco peach and mango salsa, black beans, and of course...what are nachos without CHEESE! It was definitely tasty.

The Oesterle's set up a goodbye bbq with many of our great Manoa Ward friends the night before we left. Thanks again guys!