Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday fun with the Westras

So almost every Saturday we go and do something enjoyable with our good friends the Westras; We used to play with the Osterles too until Baby Kai popped out, now we don't see them as often, unfortunately. Anyway, we've done everything from going to the beach to body board or snorkel(something we do most often), go to the North Shore to get Matsumoto's shave ice, go the Temple and snorkel with Turtles (until the poor Westra's bag got stolen:( ), go to the Honolulu Zoo, play at Waikiki, Waimanalo, or Makapu'u, or just hang out. This Saturday we tried something new and went to play tennis.


Shandra and Christian said...

Look at those muscles woman! By the way, no more tumbling for me. My left elbow is jacked and my stomach muscles were ripped open. Oh yeah, and my neck and back are kinked. I forgot how much tumbling screws up my body. Or it could have been my spotter. Who knows. :)

Dan said...

Looks like you guys are livin life to it's fullest. Hawaii I would love to live there for awhile. So HOw long have you been there?? What took you there?? anyway crazy, I am glad you found me, blogging is the best way to keep in touch. Keep me updated and have fun doing flips on the sandy beaches.

Laura Latimer Reed

Jeppson Clan said...

Stef, you need to update your blog...only 16 more days!
My brother's farewell is on the 13th.