Monday, June 23, 2008

(By the way, this is supposed to be one nice flowing post but I'm obviously not too proficient at blogging yet) Derek and Danielle had some pretty nice rackets they found at Savers, Rob had a fancy one he brought with us, as for me, well, I played with the "Jr. Pro" that we bought at the Punahou Carnival for 50 cents. I'm attributing that to part of the reason I was so awful, I'm not ready to assume full responsibility for sucking it all up just yet. Yes folks, I have a pride issue that I need to work with and yesterday was a great humbling experience, thank you Westras. In the end though it was all good times as Derek threw tennis balls at a tall mango tree so we could acquire the bounty that this island has to offer. We ended up with a pretty good stash!
This Saturday ended as most do, with a trip to the $1 theater to catch the hilarious thriller, "What happens in Vegas".


Danielle said...

You were not awful -you were awesome! You were better than me, and I'm the one that has been practicing -you've only ever played ONCE! Lets have a rematch! :)