Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime firsts

The month of June was spent soaking up, bathing in, and loving the sun...when it wasn't raining. Sawyer had his first experience in Grandma and Grandpa Jeppson's pool; he's definitely going to be a pool shark :)

We also had the privilege of seeing my brother Matt.
He came to Utah from Kansas City to hunt for reptiles, fish (I think), and pick up some furniture from my parents house. Since he and his family live so far away none of them have been able to meet Sawyer, so it was fun to have at least Matt come for a visit, though we wish the whole family could have come. While he was here he was able to find and catch the highly sought after, Utah mountain kingsnake (yes, my family is weird). This allowed Sawyer to have another very important first, holding his first snake.
They bonded right away as Sawyer tried to grab the snake and shove him into his mouth...don't worry, we stopped him and the snake and Sawyer would still be friends to this day if he were still around.
We are so looking forward to introducing Sawyer to all the the summer has to offer!