Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun times at the cabin

We made it and all is well! We had an enjoyable time at the cabin. Tons of people showed up so it was fun to have Sawyer meet so many of his relatives.
At the last minute we even got our friends, the Adams, to come with us.
It was nice to have them there so Amber, her son Lincoln, and Sawyer and I could go on little walks with them
while the boys were out ridding 4-wheelers or shooting at the shooting range. The 6 of us packed up one morning and headed to Bryce Canyon. What a beautiful place! We did some "sight seeing" and took a short but pleasant 3 mile hike.
Unfortunately, Matt and Lincoln only joined us on the first half mile...Lincoln was super tired and wasn't a fan of hanging out in the backpack. So, Amber, Rob (with Sawyer on front), and I hiked down into Bryce and back out all the while getting some pretty interesting looks and comments.
I'm pretty sure some people thought we were a little polygamist family with Amber and me being "sister wives". Oh, good times. We also got the mixture of looks and comments of "I can't believe those people would take their baby out and do this!" or "Good for you guys for taking your baby our and doing this!". We even got some Chinese people grinning at us and jovially stating "Oh, xiao pengyo!" (meaning "oh, little friend"). It's always humorous to me that people think that your life is over when you have a baby. Guess what?! You CAN take them along and it IS good for them to get out and experience new and different things (always within reason of course)! It IS possible to have a fun family life! Anyway, we had a good time learning how to lasso, hanging out at Panguitch Lake, and just enjoying the outdoors.

P.S. Sawyer HATES long car rides in his car seat...shocker, I know. But other than that all went quite well.


the momma-kana said...

Amen to that sistah! I think we should start a club. The "babies can go outside and do stuff" club.

Stefanie Stephenson said...

Let's do it lady!

Amber and Matt said...

Good times, good times...don't worry we are always along for a cabin trip, even with #2! And I don't know how people DON'T get out and do stuff with their kids.