Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hurray for the random 4th of July in Hawaii!!

Last week Rob, two of his classmates, and I went kayaking out in Kaneohe Bay for about 5 hours. We made a 10 mile round trip out to an island called Monkey island, rode waves, and got a great workout. It was a very nostalgic moment that made us not look forward to leaving this beautiful island. Unfortunately we didn't want to take our camera with us, other than our cheap underwater one, so we don't have any pictures to share. After that we had another tennis match against the Westras. We still got spanked, but not as hard as the last time.
Anyway, we do have pictures of our 4th of July festivities. I had to spend the morning at work before I picked Rob up. Then we went to the Manoa Ward Luau. It was a good time but it doesn't really feel like the 4th when you are eating green squid goo and pig (you have to read the signup list=not quite what you think of for the 4th is it!?). After that Rob and I went on a beautiful ride to find a lookout spot for the fireworks (there's no place to park downtown on normal occasions). It was another one of those nostalgic moments. We then met up with the Westras and the Hastings to watch the fireworks. After, went to the Hastings' home and gorged ourselves with hotdogs, pizza, mango pie, and cookies...yes it was a gorge-fest. Thanks for the good times friends!!


Danielle said...

The videos great! I like your picture better than ours -its a nice close up of our African American friends.... :)