Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A place to call our own!

After searching for almost a year we can finally say that we are HOMEOWNERS!! So exciting! We closed on our little house in February, a couple weeks before Sawyer came along. However, the people we purchased it from were in the process of building their own home. So they rented the house from us until the end of April, when their house was completed. We were hoping to be in our own home when the baby came along but I think it was another one of those hidden blessings…seeing as I was unable to do stairs and definitely needed the extra help. The previous homeowners were wallpaper happy so we spent almost a month scraping, peeling, painting, recarpeting, and making it our own. I have learned a lot of new skills thanks to this "opportunity". We thankfully had a lot of help from my parents and Rob’s parents. Sawyer was incredibly patient with all of the craziness day after day as we went to the house first thing in the morning and stayed there until his bedtime. I’m sure he thought we were nuts as we danced and painted to music to keep him, and ourselves, entertained (don’t worry, he shouldn’t be too affected by paint fumes). It’s SO nice to have it all done…now we just have to pack, move it all, unpack, arrange, organize, decorate……

Some before and during pictures