Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh baby, my baby, when will you come?

Oh yeah, so I ended up procuring a job as a ski and snowboard technician at a ski shop called Ski n’ See in October. Despite making not much above minimum wage, and having a crazy holiday season due to rentals, it was an enjoyable job. I often ended up working 45 to 50 hour weeks up until a week before my due date, or at least what I thought was supposed to be my due date. That day has come and gone…where are you my baby? My midwife informed me that I can only go a week overdue till I have to be induced. Bleh. I have been planning on going natural but I’ve heard from numerous sources that it’s a WHOLE heap of a lot harder when you’re on pitocin. So, I’ve been walking, and walking, and doing some more walking…still no baby boy! Well, at least that gives me time to post some more baby bump pictures while we wait…when is he going to come??

28 Weeks

30 weeks up skiing with my the bitter end!

32 Weeks

35 Weeks

2 days to go to 40 weeks!!


the momma-kana said...

One: I need some tips on how you managed to look amazing all through your pregnancy woman!

Stefanie Stephenson said...

ya, SOOO amazing! You must've gone blind since the last time I talked to you!