Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a Happy Day!

Happy Birthday!! We celebrated Rob’s 27th birthday at my parent’s house; also where we’ve been camping out while looking for a house since we got back from China. We also used it as a “guess the sex of our baby” party. We made everyone pick a blue or pink cup to use then we went down to watch the ultrasound DVD that we had done a couple of weeks before. What cup would you have picked? (Refer to pictures below to see if you are correct!!)
It's a...!!!!

Our baby!

I thought it was a good time to give Rob a birthday/Christmas present…a set of skis and boots! Hurray, no more rear entry boots for Rob! Side note: Rob and I got engaged shortly before Christmas so for that Christmas I promptly went out and bought him some skis to let him…try out skiing. Some say I wouldn’t have married him if he didn’t take to skiing and that this was the last test. I don’t think I’m THAT shallow, but we’ll just say it’s a good thing he took to it quickly and at least pretended to enjoy it. So all he had were the skis and bindings I bought him, he “made due” with some good ol’ fashioned rear entry boots that didn’t fit him, that’s how dedicated he was! Wasn’t he a good fiancé?! So now he’s a little more “legit”. Both of the parties were good times!
Happy Birthday!

Doesn't he look great in his jeans and boots? All his needs now is a Cowboys jacket and he'll be a Texas skier! :) no offense Texans...


the momma-kana said...

speaking as a texan transplant and giving birth to a bonafide Texan... you are looking good Rob! Come on out but you will a bit of a stand out since we dont get a whole lotta snow...
And I would have chosen Pink. But I am glad it was a boy