Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I am trying this blog thing again…on my own. This is meant to be a shout out to my adorable wife for the killer Christmas present that she got me this year.

As our Christmas morning was winding down, Stef pulls a note out of our Christmas tree, addressed to me. After some slight confusion about where the coldest place in our apartment actually was (there are many), I found my gift.

Flashback: Over the past few months I have rediscovered that I enjoy playing chess, even if I am not very adept at it. So, in an attempt to improve “my game” I try to play online against the computer, when I get a chance. I am pretty sure that the “easy” level isn’t what it professes to be though. I have also enjoyed getting annihilated on occasion by a friend and fellow MBA student, Sean White. He is kind enough to keep playing with me, despite my sub-par performance and record.

So, while Stef and I were down in Macau (a small section of land in southern China, previously owned by the Portuguese) I saw a sweet chess set with white and jade colored pieces. I didn’t have much money on me and I told myself that I really didn’t want to pack a chess set back to the United States. So, I walked away convincing myself that this was an “unnecessary” purchase. The joy of Chirstmas is that no gift is deemed "unnecessary" if you are getting it for someone else!

Back to Christmas: Needless to say, when I opened my present, I was quite excited to find an amazing chess set, complete with Chinese looking figures, styled in, you guessed it, white and jade. Props to Stef for going out on her own and procuring this treasure, despite the difficulty in finding and negotiating for the item.

I am still not much of a chess player, but I do have a sweet setup if anyone gets a hankerin’ to play some chess.


Anonymous said...

WOW! That's fantastic.

But I'm confused... is the coldest place in your apartment the closet? I would have guessed the freezer.

Derek said...

Wow Stef! You know how to haggle for a chess set in Chinese! That's impressive! We're excited to see you guys soon! Have a great last few weeks in the MotherLand!

mccall said...

Hey, Stef! It's McCall. I found your blog through the most random place. I was looking at blogs of people who went to high school with my husband and saw your names on their blog roll. So, I asked my husband if he knew yours and they went to high school together! Small world. Tannon says to tell Rob hi!