Sunday, November 9, 2008

Down time in China

I haven't done too great at keeping up with our random pictures postings, so here are a few of the things we have done with our spare time here in Guangzhou, China. Prepare to be inundated!

This was one of our favorite things we’ve done in Guangzhou. We went for a “hike” up to Baiyuan Shan (White Cloud Mountain- it’s actually just a big hill, but it’s their version of mountains). It offered a great view of all Guangzhou, at least what could be seen through the smog. It was nice excursion out of the city and it was a relief to be surrounded by greenery again.

This is how we spent most of our time when we arrived here…hanging out at police stations for hours on end, and not for the reasons that you are thinking, I’ve been behaving myself. It was all for the seemingly endless race of getting the ever coveted red stamp on various, and I mean VARIOUS, papers in order to get residency. Wheeeee!!!

Eating food in forms we’re not exactly accustomed to.

Rob playing Mahjong (the real Chinese way, not the Americanized version, don’t worry, I didn’t know there was a difference either).

Yeah! There’s an IKEA here too!

Don’t worry; I’m still a dork in China.
Splurging at “The Mexican Restaurant” (yes, that’s really the name of the restaurant, I guess that means there’s not much competition for Mexican food here) with our friends the Nordlanders.

Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival by enjoying a moon cake…well, it wasn’t really enjoyable, people just eat them because it’s tradition.

Our cheap meal= a box of 10 jiaozi (dumplings) for a whopping 3 kuai (about 25 cents). Unfortunately we became rather disenchanted with them pretty quick. It’s probably a good thing since the place we would get them at got demolished not too long ago.  Don’t worry, no serious sicknesses for us yet!


Jeppson Clan said...

Great pictures. The colors and architecture are so beautiful, even if it is a communist place. Your "massage" picture made me laugh out loud. You know I'd of been up there trying it out too. Love it. Can't wait to show my kids the fish on the stick. I know Asher will say, "Is that fish dead? That's too bad right?" He can't stand to see anything dead, except the bugs he stomps that is.

Shandra and Christian said...

Ikea?? amazing. I miss that place. I'm proud of you for eating all the food. Looks like you guys are having so much fun!

Kristine Parker said...

Hey! I guess I can forgive you seeing your in China and it's a little hard to pick up a phone and give me a call or drive to my house and see me! I look at your blog all the time so I feel like we keep in touch. I am doing really good. Married life is just amazing, we have so much fun together. Right now we are just working and trying to save enough money to buy a house this coming year. Thanks for saying Hi.

Makana Hansen said...

your blog looks great and I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures you have. "Fish" on a stick? I bet if you two decided to ever be carnies you could make a fortune at the State Fairs selling that one.

Andra Marshall said...

Stef, you are still the same! How's the language going? It's been forever....when do you get back to the states? It looks like China is keeping you busy!

Natalie and Ryan said...

I love the hat below. I will pay you big money for it. I am so jealous of all your adventures and you look like you're doing so great! I hope you got your red stamps, and kudos on trying a fish on a stick; I prefer hot dogs on a stick.